Best new beauty looks for Summer occasions – load your pic and try them on

Rachel McAdams

Indulging in cocktails while taking in a beautiful sunset is a uniquely summer experience that calls for an equally unique look–one that’s both glamorous and laid-back. Rachel McAdams‘ half-up hairstyle looks breezy, while her bright, fruit punch lipstick and shimmery smoky eye up the glam factor.

Try on Rachel McAdams’ looks in the Makeover Studio!

Ali Landry

An afternoon spent outside grilling and gabbing with your friends calls for a casual style. Ali Landry‘s softly textured waves and neutral makeup palette give her a put-together, effortless appearance, while her wide-brimmed hat protects her from the hot sun.

Try on Ali Landry’s looks in the
Makeover Studio!

Jessica Alba

When you’re at the beach, the last thing you want isyour hair hanging in your face and making you all sweaty. Jessica Alba‘s textured twists are a sexy way to keep your hair off your face and are very versatile–pull hair back when you’re on the sands, then let it down into tousled waves for sunset drinks.

Try on Jessica Alba’s looks in the
Makeover Studio!

Elizabeth Olsen

There’s nothing more relaxing than a lazy day lounging in the park with your favorite book and basketful of delicious goodies. Elizabeth Olsen‘s side-parted waves, peachy-pink lips and dewy skin won’t make you look out of place at the park, but will be just enough to catch the eye of that cute guy playing soccer in the meadow.

Try on Elizabeth Olsen’s looks in the Makeover Studio!




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