List of companies and products that still test on Animals from cosmetics to household products, to medical drugs

Did you know that almost every product that you come into contact with – from cosmetics to household products, to medical drugs, have all been tested on animals first? And did you also know that these tests are inconclusive because animals have different DNA structures to humans

Well then why are companies still practicing impossibly cruel tests on animals?

The answer is that nobody stops them, until now. As a consumer you are singularly the biggest influence on the decisions that these companies make. If you stand up and refuse to purchase any product or drug that has come at the expense of cruelty and murder, then you will change the entire industry.

Below is a list of Companies that test on Animals, please also download a copy so you can have it handy and share it with friends

NOTE: this is an incomplete list, there are in reality thousands of companies who do testing on animals, unfortunately we do not have an accurate list for South African companies, we have highlighted the more well known brands

Allergan, Inc, Answer, Arm & Hammer, ArmorAll, Arrid, Axe, Aziza, Bain de Soleil, Ban Roll-on, Banana Boat, Bausch & Lomb, Bic Corporation, Benckiser, BenGay, Biotherm, Block Drug Co. Inc., Bounty, Boyle-Midway, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, Cacherel, Cargill, Carpet Fresh, Carter-Wallace, Chesebrough-Ponds, Church & Dwight, Clarion, Clairol, Clear Choice, Clorox, Commerce Drug Co, Consumer Value Stores, Coppertone, Coty, Cover Girl, Crest, Dana Perfumes, Dawn, Del Laboratories, Desitin, Dial Corporation, Diversey, Dove, Dow Brands, Drackett Products Co.Drano, EcoLab, Eli Lilly & Co., El Sanofi Inc, Elizabeth Arden, Erno Laszlo, Faberge, Fantastik, Fendi, Final Net, Finesse, First Response, Flame Glow, Garnier, Giorgio Armani, Givaudan-Roure, Glade, Glass Plus, Helena Rubinstein, Helene Curtis Industries,Huggies, ISO, Ivory, Jhirmack, Johnson & JohnsonJohnson Products Co, Jovan, Kaboom, Keri, Kimberly-Clark Corp, Kiwi Brands, Kleenex, Lady’s Choice, Lancaster, Lancome, Lava, Lever Brothers, Lipton, Listerine, L’Oreal USA, Lubriderm, Lux, Lysol, Matrix Essentials, Max Factor, Maybelline, Mead, Mop & Glo, Nair, NaturelleNeutrogena, Neutron Industries, Inc, Olean, Orange Glo, Oscar de la Renta,OxiCleanPantene, Parfums International, Pearl Drops, Pennex, Pfizer, Inc, Pine-Sol, Plax, Playtex CorporationPledge, Polident, Ponds, Post-It, Prestige Brands, Prince Matchabelli, Proctor & Gamble Co, Quintessence, Raid, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Reckitt Benckiser, Redken, Resolve, Richardson-Vicks, Sally Beauty Supply, Sally Hansen, SanofiSC Johnson & Son, Schering-Plough, Scotch, Scott Paper Co, Scrub Free, Sensodyne, Signal, SmithKline Beecham, Snobal, SoftSheen, S.O.S., Stanhome Inc., Sterling Drug, Suave, Sun Star, Sunsilk, TCB Naturals, Tegrin, 3M, Tide, Tilex, Trojan, Truvia, Unilever,Vaseline, Vichy, Vidal Sassoon, Visine, Vivid, Warner-Lambert, Westwood Pharmaceuticals, White Shoulders, Whitehall Laboratories, Windex, Woolite


If you aren’t sure which brands do or don’t, simply by natural & organic, they are freely available in most stores, home-made brands are the best which you can get from any Saturday market


If you feel strongly about this then use the power of your signature and join these organisations in stopping these cruel practices:

Petition Online
Care 2 Share
Go Petition
Petition Spot

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way




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