I Love This Tool!!! Identify Who You Want To Speak To WHERE

Not only for ORM usage but input keywords to identify where your target audience is speaking and touch them there! Twitter and Facebook are fabulous but do not support a key comms channel to the right audience… micro segmented communication people is the only way to go… find your audience and captivate them…. WEB 3.0 is not a hit and miss or spray and pray game. We can enjoy some serious ROI using these mediums.

BrandsEye is an Online Reputation Management service used by brands and individuals across 26 countries. By tracking all online conversations about a brand, event, campaign or individual; BrandsEye is used to identify real-time strategic risks and opportunities. The process is fully automated to ensure no on-going time investment is required and this, combined with our full Reputation Consulting offering, offers brands real insight into how they are perceived, which opportunities to embrace and how to manage crisis situations.

Link : http://www.brandseye.com/


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