8.ta pulls off world first flash mob on Kulula flight! and more Flash mobs in your city!!!!


       8.ta pulls off world first flash mob on Kulula flight!


South Africa’s fourth mobile operator, 8.ta, continues to push the boundaries of marketing with its ‘Playtime this Summer’ campaign, performing the first ever recorded ‘flash mob’ on a Kulula flight to Durban. The performers, all seasoned professional dancers from all dance genres ranging from contemporary, to hip hop and break dance, enter O.R. Thambo International Airport on the 16th December 2011 with a festival-like song and dance before boarding a Kulula flight.To the ordinary airline passenger, the energetic mob dancing to blaring music will come  as a complete surprise, as the jovial crowd of 40 plus dancers made their way to the check-in counters. Once the plane takes off, the 8.ta mob entertains the passengers with a carnival-style performance, with dancers jumping out of their seats and dancing down the aisles as the aircraft is in full flight. “We’ve decided to engage with the public in this manner to highlight the fact that December is playtime for South Africans as we all embark on our holidays, mostly to various coastal destinations. Having fun is part and parcel of the 8.ta brand and we are celebrating summer,” says Stephen Blewett, Marketing Executive at 8.ta.

8.ta will be performing at all major airports, surrounding malls and nightclubs around the country. 8.ta will also be hosting playtime activities, such as pool tables, big beach ball games as well as MC’s and dancers at various beaches around the country, in line with its summer campaign, ‘Playtime this summer!


Check out www.facebook/8ta or @8tada for pica and videos …. We give U the rights to share our playful content!!!!!!


8ta Mobile Monday Year End Function 21st November 2011

Every organisation wants to end of a year on a good note. Unfortunately Mobile Monday did not succeed – it ended on a FRIGGIN GREAT note !

It was meant to be THE end of the year event to attend and that was an understatement. Those who registered and missed it, really did miss something special.

8ta & Samsung - sponsors of MoMo year end 2011our MC for the night

Mobile Monday was sponsored by 8ta (www.8ta.co.za) and Samsung (www.Samsung.co.za)  – so when you combine these two ingredients and add the “usual suspects” that attend Mobile Monday,  you know its gonna be spectacular.

Zoltan allowed out in publicNick &Zoltan combination

Evening started of with Zoltan Miklos the 8ta Executive Mobile: Converged Networks. Zoltan is accountable for developing the long term vision & connectivity for Telkom Mobile network. Basically a techie of note that was allowed out of the server room briefly.

Steve taking the micfuture of Technology - that is available today

Next up was Steve Ambrose who is the MD of Strategy Worx, a consulting company specialising in making business sense of ever changing world. Steve’s presentation was titled “Forget Cairo, the next revolution is still coming” and showed how the next evolution of Internet is actually in Fixed Line via Fibre Optics and not Wireless Internet.

Nick handing out a prise to a fan

Samsung then decided it was time to give away Galaxy SI and Tablet P1 to two lucky winners who handed in their business cards – there were two very happy Samsung users that night !

Paulo running through his presentationPaulo and passion are part of the fashion at the Momo

Paulo Ferreira was up to the mic. He is the Head of Product Management & Business Solutions at Samsung responsible for Mobile software apps, Business planning, Product Management & marketing. whew ! I am surprised he even has time to attend events with such a busy work load. Paulo took us through Samsung product and how they have evolved to lead the market with Android based devices.

Emmanuel rocking it out

8ta Social Media Chick, JoanneBayvel & singer, actor 8ta ambassador Mano Castis


Finally Emmanuel Castis, the 8ta online ambassador, sang two of his songs to the applause of the crowd who entered the Networking and Partying mode of the evening.

Goodie bag - yayJanice keeping it all in check

Mobile Monday rocked on until late into the night and after wrapping things up, 8ta gave each person their own goodie Bag with cool swag including 8gb memory card – you can never have enough of those !

So thank you 8ta and Samsung for an awesome night. Thank you Mobile Monday crew for really making it happen for us this year and taking Momo to new heights. We wait to see what bigger and better things you have up your sleeves for next year and I can truly say that MoMo is THE premier networking event that every single business, brand and company absolutely MUST be part of in any way.

8ta & SamsungThe MoMo Chair peeps - Richard & JaniceAndrew, Steve and JoThe Momo crowdkeeping enthrawledTwitter Wallstill paying attentionSlides projected high for all to seeis that Candice in the mix ?Jon setting up Just a cool shot of the Twitter Wall managementHere are THE boysJess and David mingeling as usualBrett & Steve - No paparatsiIts all about the Mobile TechJanice & AndrewRichard just hanging8ta - the sponsors

Brilliant: If Facebook And Twitter Were Real Life

This hilarious video takes Facebook and Twitter and acts out everything that you would do on those networks. Whether it’s a “Like” or a “Follow”, it’s all included here.

The video is part a viral campaign to advertise a new opera called Two Boys, by Nico Muhly.