GUYS if you watched Rockstar Supernova… Listen to these tracks.. Like the link if you want so see them in SA

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So we have all been complaining about SA idols and all the …CRAP singers out there! Yes South Africa has amazing talent just not on our TALENT shows… and as good as the rest of the World’s Idols are you CANNOT compare to the performances many of you remember or will see below, on Rockstar Supernova…. Toby Rand now part of the awesome “Juke Kartel”…. Lukas Rossi the winner and unbelievable singer and performer … Storm Large the magnificent and amazingly talented blonde and our very own Dilana Robichaux… these guys aren’t just singers they are musicians, song writers, performers and have voices that made our jaws drop and many an eye get starry. Nevermind the gorgeous Tommy Lee and Dave as presenter and judges… O la la

So this is the deal I do know the right people who know more of the right people etc… who want to get these peeps to South Africa and I know you will all want them here!!!! We just need to create the hype and WANT and tick…tick… TOCK … we have the best concert ever!

If you haven’t heard them before listen to the YOUTUBE vids below if you have you know how good they are so just like the link :p ….. more performance and downloads available on itunes and youtube… come on South Africa lets have a real Rock Concert!!!!