You ARE Beautiful


I haven’t blogged in awhile and right now I am a little tired and getting ready for a busy but hopefully rewarding week ahead.

I just had to share a question – heard in church tonight – and video as it touched my heart in ways I cannot even describe ( and for me to be at a loss for words, means it hit this little heart hard… ).

We live in a world where we are so focused on beauty and outer appearances and how we can improve our looks, our hair, our noses and get rid of wrinkles. How many ‘likes’ we get on an Instagram photo or followers on Twitter, how many friends we have on Facebook….I am the first to admit that I have fallen prey to this way of thinking, losing the ability to learn about a person, their interests, their personality, what makes them smile or cry… and how I can offer a word of advice or help directly in person or through a personal message instead of sharing a quote which is not even my own, and hoping that those that ‘need to see it’, will….

The question is simple and yet so intricate and important in getting back to a society that is humane and not just human. “If you had to describe the people you know without using physical attributes, what would you say”… think about it… describe who they are, what they enjoy doing, what they think about in lonely times and what their life long ambitions, hope and passions are. I get stuck on those that are in what we have deemed our ‘inner circle’ … the place where things like #youcantsitwithus and #coolkids are used … I am sure that those that have remained non-judgmental look at us and think “if only you knew how far away we would like to stay” … I say that because it is how I am beginning to feel, as I grasp at getting back to the real me. The loving, selfless, caring soft and sensitive girl I grew up as, and slowly start to become again…. Because let me tell you that all I became in that fickle world I occupied, was insecure, selfish and sad….

This video makes me weep…. as I learn again that every single person in this world is beautiful in some way…