To The First Person I Fell In Love With … Momma

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”….

You were the first person I fell head over heels in love with,momma.

The one I first opened up my eyes too and knew that I would be loved by, a Heavenly angel forever to take care of me.

I am not blessed to have you as a mom, I am the luckiest girl in the world. No two like you were created and I get the perfection that was.

The entire world family, friends and strangers alike would, without a doubt say; you are the epitome of everything good in this world.

Love Unconditional

You truly are the rarest of gems, God spent his time polishing to perfection.

This world would be an empty space without you as you light up and fill every room you walk into, with beauty, dignity, love, holiness and light.

Dad, was always (in his own grumpy way) head over heels for you. He would be so proud of all you are doing to keep us afloat and strong.

Momma you make loving easy.

That’s why this love can’t sit still and is so full – it’s a skip to the sun, a jump to the moon perhaps a little leap to Mars, straight up to the Milky Way and the Heavens above and right down to the depths of our incredible oceans.

YOU, Denise Bayvel are everything.

I love you infinite ♾ time infinity.


Our Precious Nana & Mumsy – Memorial Speech 7th July 2010

Nana, your three beautiful daughters, Carol Ann, Denise and Sandra have asked us to speak on their behalf. Like you they are kind, compassionate and tender hearted and would not have been able to express their feelings or talk at this memorial without us having brought the entire Kleenex and Waterproof Mascara factories. We are not sure how well we are going to do or how we will get through this but as a close knit family we have always helped each other. For them losing their mumsy might just be the biggest heartbreak of their lives and so we, your five granddaughters will celebrate your life with this speech. Written with the input of each of your daughters and granddaughters, both here in body and those here in heart and soul.

Nana and Mumsy,

We little knew this morning,

That God would call your name.

In Life we loved you dearly;

In death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you,

The day God called you Home.

You left us peaceful memories,

Your Love is still our guide.

And though we cannot see you,

You are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken,

And nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one,

The chain will link again.

You left us on Monday and even though we knew it would come one day. The pain and sadness is endless. Yet we take comfort in knowing that you are now in the gentle hands of your beloveds caress, Cecil, our Father and Grandfather. To think that you remained faithful for 28 years after his passing, is to know true love and commitment and is a testimony to the values, morals and principles you lived by. Our Dad and Gramps used to say, “If you do not have anything nice to say, than don’t say anything at all”. Nana, you lived by this. Never an awful word about anyone passed those gentle lips, never a trusted secret shared, never a bad bone in that strong, yet in the end, fragile and tiny body.

We will always remember your little chuckle and naughty jokes that would make even your granddaughter’s blush, that smile that would light up an entire room, even when your teeth were hanging halfway out your mouth or the fact that you had your “own” Doctor who prescribed your medicine, your “Koeldrank” ; Cane and Coke. Nana, he must have been a train driver because only a train driver would get you on the “Cane Train” every night. You lived for nearly 88 years, your birthday would have been next month and we have to fit that entire lifetime into one speech – and according to Chris, a concise one!

Our Mumsy and Nana, you accomplished so much in your life. Head Girl of Queenstown, Hockey player for Stellenbosch, a qualified Medical Researcher, brilliant golfer and Captain of Ladies Golf for years.

And now, to try and fit those memories onto a few pieces of paper and a short memoir of your life – We filled an entire day on Monday with just your time in Bethe, the one horse town and a split second of your life. So it goes we cannot fit 87 years into one speech; we just remember a few stories and celebrate your life. We remember how your daughter, Denise, lost  you in a flat panic in Cresta shopping centre for four hours but Nana  was enjoying a cup of coffee at Mugg & Bean. We remember how the second, and only time you ever drove, was when you and gramps were a little sozzled after a game of golf; you proceeded to crash into the gate and in the morning make Gramps believe he had driven home and done the damage. They say genes skip a generation, Nana, clearly your driving skills were passed onto your granddaughters! Sadly one thing we cannot forget is how you walked because we all have The Duck Waddle; ankles in, toes out! We remember how you loved The Hotel, Little Switzerland, and the place that we will finally lay you to rest. You loved it there and will have peace and happiness in the fresh air under a star filled sky. In fact Nana, you will be the biggest, brightest star and we will always know to look up to the Heaven’s and see you shining down on us!       

Our Nana and Mumsy, we will never forget you; we can’t! You were an integral part of our lives, a blessing and you will forever be etched in our minds, as the gracious incredible Lady you were and are.

Maria, thank you for becoming her best friend, thank you for taking care of her. We could not have asked God to send us an angel more patient, caring and loving then you. You are a blessing and for this you will be blessed. You have lost your best friend and soul mate and our hearts break for you. But you are now a part of our History and Family. We will always look after you and keep you as a piece of our lives  – who knows, you might be serving some of us Koeldrank on Zimmer frames shortly.

And now Nana and Mumsy, we say goodbye. To our treasured person, our laughter, our memories and our Earthly visits. But we do not say Goodbye forever. You remain in each of our hearts, etched in our minds and the greatest Guardian Angel we could ever dream or hope for. Until we meet again; go gently, go peacefully – you are finally Home.

Please bow your heads as we bid our final farewell to this extra-ordinary woman, wife, mother, Nana and friend.

Father God we come to you now in your precious and Holy name,

We ask that you bless those of us left behind, that we have peace that passes all Earthly understanding and know that our beloved is not gone forever but is with you and is healthy, young and happy again.

Lord God, we thank you that the words we are about to say ring true for our Nana and Mumsy.

Fly, fly little wing
Fly beyond imagining
The softest cloud, the whitest dove
Upon the wind of heaven’s love
Past the planets and the stars
Leave this lonely world of ours
Escape the sorrow and the pain
And fly again

Fly, fly precious one
Your endless journey has begun
Take your gentle happiness
Far too beautiful for this
Cross over to the other shore
There is peace forevermore
But hold this mem’ry bittersweet
Until we meet

Fly, fly do not fear
Don’t waste a breath, don’t shed a tear
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
Be on your way, don’t wait for us
Above the universe you’ll climb
On beyond the hands of time
The moon will rise, the sun will set
But we won’t forget

Fly, fly little wing
Fly where only angels sing
Fly away, the time is right
Go now, find the light

May God be with us all forever and ever


Happy Mothers Day To All You Precious Ladies ♥

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says , ” Oh crap, she’s up”. Sister, life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Love the one’s who don’t just because you can. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Forgive quickly. God never said life would be easy. He just promised it would be worth it.

My Beautiful Mom