Two Survivors | Two Books To Write| My Sister Deb’s Bayvel ‘Against All Odds’ & ‘My HoneyBee’ Cousin Maya Amoils – 2019 Was Awful Until I Glance Back At These Presents. Terminal Cancer Survivors What a Gift From Above.

Yip, we all had an awful 2019, well 90% percent of us, I’m not getting into that here this is for celebrating two gifts.

On Christmas Eve I sit in awe of miracles. Of the gift of life which nothing can surpass. My sister, My cousin. The gift of infinity. (I’ve been threatening to write this book on my sister for years thanks my My My, now I have two to write. Let’s make yours short and sweet. ) You have made 2019 a little special and I love you both that much more for it. Thank you for both of your infinities.

Note to those reading the saddest thing is neither is genetic – well not sad but crazy in one close close family….. why we don’t know, we need just look up and say thank you that they win the battle.

First my sis, the ying to my yang, my strength, hero, legend, muse…… her story is like no other I promise. SHE IS A LEGEND … parts are here to be updated soon. Starting Again Another Year Clear Debbie Bayvel, My Legend Sis (Well 30 Years Later Really As A Hero); As Tough As It Has Been, God Is Good My Little One…

For now…


The book I write in 2020 about this little #legend my sister.
12 time #terminalcancersurvivor of 33 years.
Seventy One Major Ops.

The Only Present We Needed This Year

Against All Odds / Debbie Bayvel​ Survived Her 71st Operation

A Long 11 Hours & A Huge Thanks To Our Daddy Above.


The Best Christmas

Our God Is Good – your song

Then my cousin. Maya Amoils, our HoneyBee. Beauty. Twin Personality. Strength Beyond. My Heartbeat far away. My Cruise Buddy. My Favourite.

Our Honeybee Cousin @mayaamoils
Another Best Christmas Pressie

Another Pressie That Brightens Up A Gloomy 2019.

My Cousin. My Twin In Personality. Most Beautiful Angel. Muse. Loved By All.

Stage 4 Cancer Fighter & Winning!!!!! She Is Our Honeybee & I Admit My Favourite.

Love you infinitely twin soul 

oh golly your song still sorry Jen – I can’t even listen lol

Short, Sweet, Grateful, Blesssed Beyond, Eyes Up Always

God is faithful. Trust.

Love Always and a Day