That’s What They’ll Say About Us…

I know I should write more about my career, the products I use etc etc… but, my blog is not about that.

Perhaps it is a release from the everyday mundane world of work and beauty and striving to be ones best.

I like to think of it as a place where people in all walks of life can relate. Life is sometimes amazing and sometimes downright dismal.

I am blessed to have what some may call the “happy gene” but I must say Covid and this past years experiences have put a slight damper on a number of days for me; and I know for so many.

So… getting to the point. I love sharing anything I come across which touches my heart and soul or perhaps just my taste.

This is me sharing music. A passion. A love story. Music is just that rare and beautiful medium that conjures up every memory, feeling, mood and experience we have gone through and are yet too.

It is also a beautiful piece and so apt for the times we live in right now. it’s the most beautiful cover of a Finneas song about a lady who loses her husband to Covid. It is sad and tragic but absolutely magical and a memory for her and all who have lost someone, to savor for all time.

Love Always