Words have failed me, for once. Dutch our legend Bullmastiff left us yesterday 01.10.2011

Our gentle giant….

Heartbroken, shattered and gutted. An empty house and empty hearts. We had to let you go our BIG boy… selfishness was not an option. You had been to good to us; and to those you met to let you suffer…. the toughest choice, a tragic moment. You are free now boy, of sickness and pain.

You remain in our hearts and will do so in every part of our daily activities, as you were the centre of our world. This video is a little tribute to you our precious boy. The background song, came on the radio just before we let you go… not by chance but your way of saying ” Tears stream down your face, when you lose something you cannot replace”… BUT ” I (Dutch) will try to Fix you”…. we say this from us boy “Lights will guide you home”(to Doggy Heaven” )”and ignite your bones ” so you can be the ambling, clumsy, boy you were……

Memories are all we have now…. not enough to ease our  shattered souls but a part of you we can keep forever…. how I wish i could reach into the picture and touch that soft fur or stroke that beautiful head….. for now we remember and love