❤ My Work ❤

I am an outgoing, analytical, creative, technical and most importantly experienced Public Relations and Marketing graduate, with over 14 years’ experience in the Traditional and Digital Marketing fields. Having graduated as the top student at Varsity College I am now a part of their Alumni.

I believe that a skill I have which lacking in individuals who only study digital or traditional marketing, is that I have done both and know how to incorporate, plan and implement an above the line, thru the line and below the line strategy where required as this is still highly relevant in the South African and African markets. Where these activities are not aligned budget is wasted and the wrong message often sent to consumers/B2B.

Before starting my own niche marketing consultancy, I headed up the Digital Marketing departments for both 8ta and Microsoft. Prior to this I was at a digital agency and the Traditional Marketing manager for FTV and Marketel. In all positions I was ran all digital marketing activities including agency management, strategy, social media page management and content, media planning, management and buying through an external media agency, as well as buying ad space directly from media owners including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – where I have formed relationships with the relevant individuals – as well as providing reports on analytics of social media profiles and ad spend. I am also well versed in SEO.

Having started my own business at 19 and then again at 29 I have been successful for the past six years. Working with clients in all industry verticals from entertainment, ecommerce, finance right through to the petrochemical industry. I have provided all digital marketing services for these companies as an external consultant. Services range from that of digital marketing strategy, budgets, to social media page management and content creation, blog writing, newsletter compilation, planning and purchasing of media in the digital space and monthly reports on digital marketing performance and ad spend.

I am well versed in all aspects of traditional and digital marketing. And keep up with online trends on a daily basis.

Website in progress so contact jo-jo on jojobayvel@me.com


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