My Dogs | Well Owners Really


Yip you read that correctly. Dog’S. Not one but four adorable furry friends not counting my sisters’ two French Bulldogs or my folks’ three hounds including two BullMastiffs and an Italian Greyhound they stole from me “Massimo”  { all of who I assume I am a ‘momma’ too }.

These ‘littles’ and ‘bigs’ range from a 2kg  Chihuahua “Studly” who thinks he is King to “Diva” from Ermelo who is more Jack Russell than a shivering teeny tiny Chihuahua, my parents owner Massimo the Iggy (the most spoilt dog that ever there was) Debs’ Frenchies “Blanchett and “Kievara”  the Bayvel dogs (they are technically miniatures but not meant to be #genefail on height around us) to a 50 kg sweetheart Bullmastiff “Mika” the Licker (gob gulp) to 80 kg Bullmastiff “Leroy Brown” who is more of a mouse than a pooch, to my favourite “the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead” crazy Italian Greyhound and absolute Princess “Mia”.

My dogs occupy my thoughts, my time, my heart, my affection and most times I prefer them to humans. { chats included }

Love Always



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