My 38th Birthday Wish. Ps It’s Only On Sunday.

As the Facebook doesn’t allow me to choose a charity.

I will be setting up a fund me page for Ark animal centre.

A rescue centre that was always one of the many shelters I yearned to help.
Our beloved vets at Palm Gardens treated the rescues @ElenaFlaschner & @PhilippeFlaschner and never before or since have I been to a shelter where such love, care, devotion and selflessness was shown by the staff to their rescues, whom they called and treated as family.

Unfortunately this shelter has closed. I am devastated.

But on a lighter note they are supporting and asking people to help Woodrock Animal Rescue

This is another shelter where the owner and staff are so absolutely dedicated to their precious rescues. Love is shown at all times.

In these difficult times donations need not be money but food, toys, blankets as we approach winter or perhaps a visit to give love and cuddles – please tag me.

I choose animals as they are so defenseless and innocent. They live a short life but they teach us so much about love even unrequited.

Thank you from the depths of my heart if you can help.
Love infinity ♾

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