I Miss You…

3 weeks ago to the day you left for your eternal home.
Never before have I seen sunsets like these.
I know it’s you daddy.

We all love/d nature so you are showing us a hint of the magnificence you are seeing as well as saying

“Hey girls just as surely as the sun rises and sets, I’m here guiding your way and looking after you.always as I always did”

As reality sinks in and we know we will never see you on this earth again, it’s tough,pops.

It gets harder everyday and as everyone says this is our ‘new normal’ – for our family it’s not normal, so closely woven by invisible threads, we saw each other everyday – for us it’s a ‘heart wrenching new normal.’

Dad, you taught us to be strong and we are and will be.
I miss you infinity ♾ and a day plus so much more.

My Daddy, my first love, my strength, mentor, hero and now guardian angel in Heaven.

I love you and count the seconds until I see you again for eternity, 🤍🤍🤍🤍Becky

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