When Your Dream Becomes A Reality Even With Loads Of Teething Problems

After a pretty bad car accident & really bad whiplash which doesn’t go hand in hand with being behind a computer all day and night –  especially now six weeks later as my left side has gone lame and I am in agony waiting to see a neurosurgeon as an emergency –   I have still managed to relaunch my dream and online shop/boutique www.somekindofwonderful.co.za I’m still pretty far off with what my OCD self wants the site to be in terms of functionality  😝 with only about 400 items still to add 🙂 but still I am kind of proud. Especially as I had to rebrand and redo everything in a week!

But The BETA phase of www.somekindofwonderful.co.za is NOW LIVE – please GO SHOP 😊☝🏼 but keep in mind that this is the beta phase & I have many more amazing items to add. Remember it’s about everything wonderful , a place where you can find all your needs and wants … from ladies, men’s, kiddies and babies apparel to home decor and even pets stuff!

Launching now was a MUST as I already have so many gorgeous things available! ESP on the sales edit! And yip I’m still looking for more vendors who sell amazing and different stuff!

Visit the site at www.somekindofwonderful.co.za or click on the link in all my latest IG pics @somekindofwonderful_onlineshop to well,  shop! I’ve also had to restart this page so please forgive the lack of posts 🙂

8 (2)

Whilst you do I will be adding items as I can so perhaps even just subscribe so long, as amazingly this little hypochondriac (yip me) who in this case has been calm and carried on all normal duties, without rushing to doctors and asking to be put in traction :p which probably would have been sensible as I now face an op on my back, has carried on as the tomboy (surprise surprise a princess can be a tomboy) of the family, lifting heavy boxes, Kung Fu  Fighting with my adorable two year old nephew & Godson, Cade Darne – lets just say he takes things pretty seriously in a fight and won without me letting him, although I may pretend I did as I absolutely adore him! As my sis, his mom says; him and I are kindred spirits haha he is a little terror with the softest heart sooo???…. compliment ??? :p.

I hope you enjoy!

Love Always

JoJo Bayvel

Jojo Bayvel

Any questions or suggestions?

Whatsapp or email me jojo@somekindofwonderful.co.za



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