Sharing This As We Launch A New And OH So Exciting Venture – STYLECOLLABONLINEPOPUPSHOP

On Wednesday 24th April, myself and longtime dearest friend, Colleen Donaldson- an ultra ultra stylish dearest friend – launch an exciting new concept into the South African Online Shopping world.

Mood boards below ….

Our venture is an online popup shop STYLECOLLABONLINEPOPUPSHOP selling only high quality clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor, health, beauty and luxury items. The site is simple and uncluttered. I have ensured it is easy to use and because we have handpicked our exhibitors and the items we have imported or sourced locally; we are launching with a small collection of simply gorgeous products in all categories.

Prices are also incredibly reasonable. Yay #STYLECOLLAB

We even have a bespoke designer who will tailor make the items he designs, so that they fit you perfectly! Plus they look like they have just come off the runway at Paris Fashion Week at Jozi prices AND he does couture wedding gowns and retinue dresses plus stunning evening gowns – a little glimpse below!

Have a peak at our IG profile @STYLECOLLABONLINEPOPUPSHOP to see some items from exhibitors and #STYLECOLLAB our own label.

Please note for all the vegetarians and vegans and those who support anticruelty we have so many special items for you! As a fellow non meat eater and animal lover I had to add these! Look at these puffer jackets!

And for the rest of you including my darling friend Col, I really don’t mind at all if you eat, Daisy the cow or Babe the pig, those precious adorable animals; all who have their own personality and feelings : ) we have all the regular stuff to – it is just all anti cruelty and I do still love all of you!

A little bit of history on the “why” of the site down below BUT, the real reason I am sharing this blog post, is so that you can sign up on the website, as the first thirty subscribers get a discount code – do it now > SIGN UP FOR YOUR DISCOUNT CODE

Please keep in mind that this really is just there for you to use to sign up – it doesn’t represent how the online shop works or looks, aside from basic CI.

And for potential exhibitors who would like to apply to sell on the site please email me : )

The why of the shop;

This post will probably be deleted soon and I will rewrite but for now a little bit of an explanation.

After scouring our local popular shopping sites and finding them to “busy” – I try shop for an hour and get so confused by choice well no, actually lack of finding one nice thing in 10 000 items that I close the app or window. When I have purchased items in the past, the image of the one thing I liked and ordered, turns out to be badly made and in cheap fabric and it fits awfully and yet they charge ridiculous prices.

Alternatively we have small online sites which sell a selection of “brands” but most seem to have the same items and even the same images for these items – not ideal when you are a digital marketing person with tools on hand to source images – these clothes all come from the same online website/s or suppliers and they are purchased for literally nothing and sold on as “boutique” items.

Aside from that moaning above – we do have some stunning sites mainly for individual brands of absolutely gorgeous items made locally. Exciting.

Now, I absolutely love fashion, clothing, home decor, art, accessories etc etc and have always wanted to be involved in this industry, pity I cannot sew to Dave even my beloved dogs life and … if you saw how I dressed on a regular basis you would probably beg to differ about my fashion passion :p I am a jeans and sneakers or flip flops kind of girl but I have a closet or actually closets full of amazing clothing, I guess I am just to lazy to make an effort every day! But with this passion and coupled with 17 years of doing the marketing and digital marketing thing, in corporates and clients – something I love and will continue to do – I had to launch something in the industry.

And add to this my partner in fashion and decor crime, Colleen – now she is that girl who can wear anything and make it look amazing! She has an eye for styling and putting ensembles together that just makes my eyes sparkle with happy tears! She also has an eye for the best clothing, shoes and accessories. Hence the fact that she runs extremely successful pop up markets in Johannesburg four times a year – everything sells out and she hand picks exhibitors who sell something for everyone! The next one is in May – sneak peek of invite below.

Anyway I am so excited and I hope you will be to!

Get in touch with any questions.

Love Always,

JoJo Bayvel


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