On This ‘Human Rights’ Day Will U Help Me Help Refilwe & The Creche Run By Lucky, For Over 50 Poverty Stricken Kiddies 🙏🏼

Please Share & Care … Call for help from all those kind hearted people I know.

On Human Rights Day let us recognize that while we strive for equal rights.

This does not mean we are not all given equal opportunities.

There are those born into poverty, stuck in abusive environments unable to escape, those with terminal illnesses, auto-immune disease and the main reason for this post – those born differently abled.

I met Refilwe nearly 5 yrs ago. She is still alive and happy – a wonderful miracle! This is without a doubt a huge tribute to Lucky. A lady who runs a crèche for over 50 poverty stricken & handicapped children in a South African informal settlement “Malatjie”. She does this without any funding only on hope, love and a prayer that someone will help.

Back to the little treasure ..

Refilwe was born with birth asphyxia and is blind & deaf as well as paralaysed (this is not permanent).

What captured my heart ❤️ is that a touch made this little cherub erupt with laughter, causing tears to flow freely down my cheeks.

I am going to set up a gofundme page for her (link to follow) Lucky & the crèche BUT the help she needs is not only financial, instead she needs to continue with the physiotherapy we began to ensure she retains movement of her little limbs and does not permanently become stiff & paralyzed. She also needs assistance with her hearing and a proper diagnosis. And so anyone who would be

willing to volunteer their time & heart please let me know.

Refilwe is mainly looked after by the special angel, Lucky. And lucky she is to have this lady in her life as are all the other children in Lucky’s crèche.

Again aside from donations.

Lucky needs formula, clothing and diapers for Refilwe and the other children, as well as food, basic medical supplies & blankets especially as we near winter.

If you find yourself unable to help with a donation or any items, a beautiful gift you can give, is your time.

Go and visit these children and assist with basic teaching & just give them loads of love – they will benefit from this more than you will ever know. And your heart will smile to.

Anyone who would like to assist – in ANY way – please contact me on 0824619996 or



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