Brilliant Concept By My Sister Bronni Darne @O N E H U N D R E D D A Y S For 100 Days. Wear It Once. If You Don’t Wear It Or It Doesn’t Fit, Give It Away. Buy Nothing.


When I have slight or major writers block ( 🙂 ) I love to share concepts, stories or ideas that I find exceptionally clever and innovative. This time the idea & concept is by my brilliant older sister – Bronni Darne (Nee Bayvel) it is called @100STYLEDAYS follow here on IG  – the concept: a Forty Something Mom Of 2 Boys. CEO. and Style Enthusiast with far too many clothes who has embarked on a challenge –  For 100 days. Wear it once. If you don’t wear it or it doesn’t fit, give it away. Buy nothing. . pssst she has the most incredible taste in clothing and well the most incredible clothes and so this little sister may be angling for the hand me downs she doesn’t keep after the 100 days …. 

The TRUE reason I love this concept is that being in digital, loving fashion and witnessing how clothing shared in the world of social media is usually done in a tacky way; with clothing that is well not clothing but rather teeny tiny see thru underwear, bikinis or pieces of string – not for wear for the average girl and not very classy or stylish. Although we have to admit these girls do look good, I think my sister looks pretty amazing and well her clothing taste .. umm wow .. well, see a few of her posts below and let me know your thoughts.



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