I’m Going To Be An Aunty Again and a (Fairy) God Mother … a Little Note to a Little Treasure


God couldn’t be everywhere so he created Aunts.

if by any chance you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, if you haven’t noticed, I am kinda in love with my little, precious and adorable nephew, Cole. He is just the bee’s knees to his aunt here and I can’t get enough of his angelic face.


Unfortunately my sister and her hubby live a bit far away in Cape Town so I only get to visit with him a few times a year. But each time I see him my heart just soars with love as he gets cuter and cuter developing a little personality with the best traits from both of his amazing parents. Well except the stubborn gene we all have. But little Cole gets over this quickly and even as a biased aunt I can say he never sulks and always comes to give “loves” when he has been naughty ( read normal as this aunt does not believe he is ever naughty ) just a little boy on a mission enjoying a life in which he is enveloped in love. It really has been a joy to watch him grow from a quiet little babe to a giggly, energetic nearly three year old with a sense of humour i find uncanny coming from such a tiny thing.


And now after receiving the most exciting news recently, I am over the moon to announce I get to be an aunt again! Ah, more cuteness in my life- how will I ever deal? ( I’ll deal by taking a million pictures whenever I see them 🙂  ). And this time I will be the one taking on the God Mother or Fairy God Mother, role in the little ones life.


And in typical aunty and JoJo fashion I already want to chat to my future God Child. Cole no less love for you my boy, you stole your aunts heart three years ago but I have a pretty big one so enough space to love both of you in equal amounts.


So little one, you are now a teeny tiny little thing, already perfectly formed in your beautiful momma’s tummy. She is the best incubator in the world ( healthy and willing to give up anything to make sure all your fingers, nose and your toes are perfectly formed.) She loves you so much already and so does your daddy, they are amazing parents to your big brother, Cole, so you are going to be one lucky treasure, growing up in that family. Even Cole is ready to spoil you and ps never worry about not having a dummy, already looking out for you, your big brother asks your mommy to place one on her tummy for you.


Precious peanut ( you are a little bigger then that now but when I found out the news that was what you were called and its sticking until we know your name ), this aunty is going to love you more then all the fish in the sea and higher then the moon. I am going to make sure you are happy all the time and that you know how loved you are, and always will be. Whether a girl or boy we are going to go skate boarding and on rides and to the aquarium and just doing all the things you love each and every time I see you.  We can sneak you ice cream and chocolates ( your mom wont like that but will still smile when she finds out ) and get your brother his favourite, Flings ( horrible sticky chips you might like too). When we get home from your outings and you don’t want to sleep, we can let mommy and daddy rest and I will lie with you and cuddle for hours, making shapes out of stars in the sky, reading your favourite books and doing anything to make you smile and giggle.

Little one its going to be tough to get time with you, as your Gogo and Pops and Dan Dan and Dani, aunty Debs and your other crazy aunts and uncles ( yip you are joining a crazy but loving and entertaining family ) are going to want you all to themselves but we will sneak out and go and have fun.That is what aunties and God Mothers are for.


Most importantly I am going to teach you that you have another Daddy one who lives far away and who you will only meet after a long, long time. He is your Heavenly Daddy and he loves you the most. You can always talk to him about anything, even if you are sad, and he will always be beside you even though you cannot see him so just know you are never alone.

Your aunty is going to update this story in a few weeks when I know more about you, but for now just know I love you and cannot wait to meet you. And hopefully even give you and Cole some cousins to play with before you have to babysit them.


Thank you Bronni and Bruce for making the most adorable babies!!!!


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