A Letter to My Unborn Nephew – and now he is my best thing in the world

I promise to always love you in whoever you decide to be
I promise to be there for you, whenever you need me
I promise to not pass judgment without first hearing you and not only your parents out
I promise to be in your life from day one and to learn what your about
I promise to help keep you healthy and to grow nice and strong
I promise to teach you to be a good person and know what is right and wrong
I promise to protect you and to always know you are okay
I promise to always remember that being your aunt is a gift, every single day

These words little Cole are my promise to you
A little gift from Heaven that will stick us all together like glue
You are now and will forever be,
My sweetest little nephew..

Dear Cole,

I love you!

You have been in your mommy’s tummy now for quite some time. I know it feels warm and safe in there, but trust me- it’s safe out here too! Your mommy and daddy are going to take REALLY good care of you and you don’t know it yet but you are one of the luckiest little boys in the whole world- your mommy and daddy are AWESOME people and you have a whole big extended family that is going to love you like CRAZY and maybe sometimes drive you a bit CRAZY too!

Your mommy has been working very very hard to get her work done so that she can spend lots of time getting to know you. She is one of the nicest ladies EVER and she’s also very smart and pretty. She will no doubt read you amazing fantasy tales, bake you delicious treats and teach you how to be a wonderful boy. She is really excited about meeting you and she had made you a beautiful room and even renovated your house, not an easy feat while carrying a big and active boy in her tummy at the same time.! You are getting the star treatment- really at this stage you have nearly as many clothes as her and she has been avidly collecting hers for 36 years! You should get out here and see for yourself!

Your daddy is the coolest and he is handsome too. He will protect you, he will make you laugh, he’ll cook you delicious food and he’ll take you on adventures. He will also teach you lots of useful things like how to swim, ride a bicycle, skateboard, how to fix things, sometimes in the wrong ways (rely on your Grandpa’s for DIY tricks), how to build things and how to pick up chicks. Your daddy is really excited to meet you and trust me- you should be really excited to meet him too!

I’m your Aunt Jo-Anne and unfortunately, I live far away. The good news is that I am coming to visit as soon as you are born and I really want to stay in your city as you grow up. Those are my plans anyway and I don’t think your Gran and Gramps , my mom and Dad, or your other Aunty Debbie, will be able to stay away from you for longer than a minute. Coley you might just cause an influx of Bayvel’s into Cape Town, your home.
You should want to meet me too because I am a very fun aunt and I am very serious about spoiling you rotten I will also always be on your side so come crying to me and I will sort your mommy and daddy out. Someday when you are bigger we can go to the park and climb on the jungle gyms or to the beach and build the biggest sandcastle ever! We can go to Disneyland – where Mickey Mouse lives – although your mommy and Daddy will want to come along ,with the rest of the crew. When you are with me, you can eat cotton candy and lots of ice-cream, meet princesses and ride skateboards or bicycles or just watch a movie or read a book when your mommy and daddy need a night off to look for a baby sister for you.
I will also be there to help you out when you can’t pronounce a word, or need someone to wipe your nose or your forehead if you have a fever and when you need a nappy change I will put on some gloves, cover my nose with a clothes peg and help a little fellow out! All these things might not sound good right now but trust me, they will be. Unfortunately, you can’t do any of these things unless you come out of your mommy’s tummy when you are ready and start to grow big and strong.











I wrote this letter for you to read one day when you are big enough. Your mommy and daddy will probably say that will be at 2 they already think you are a genius! Your aunty knows you are one but says learn to read when you want to. Rather spend your time in the garden playing with balls and snails and dragging mud into the house, like only a proper little boy would do!

So for now, your wonderful mommy, my big sister, will read this too you… in preparation for the Big thing we call … LIFE
When you arrive in your new world, there will be lots of new things to get used to. Things like your new room, diapers, cats that want to investigate you, and a big patch of faux grass that your daddy calls a “lawn.” P.s don’t try and cut this my little Cole, it won’t grow back!
Most importantly, there will be lots of people to meet. To make this transition a little easier for you, I will give you a sneak peek, or ‘cheat sheet’, for your mommy’s side of the family. Trust me, you may need it!

Your mommy was born into a family in 1976. She was the first little girl to come along and was followed by your aunty Debbie in 1978 and me, another girl, in 1982. So now you know we are really excited that you are a little boy… we need more of them around here! Although your daddy does have two brothers: I will let him tell you about them and your wonderful grandparents, his mommy and daddy.






Let’s start with your Grandpa Bayvel. Paul Campbell Robertson, of course you will think of your own name for him and that’s perfect. We will call him what you decide… even if it’s is Barney and your daddy gets a little upset. Anyway your Gramps was a hero! He was a Springbok Rugby player which means he played rugby, our favourite sport, for South Africa, the country where you will be born! None of us on your mommy’s side are very tall in fact we are nearly like the dwarves in your fairy-tale’s and when you grow up you will understand that your Gramps was a Srumhalf, not the tallest guy on the rugga field but one of the quickest! You are going to be born with so much talent for sports from your mommy and daddy and your extended family so even though you are already a hero to us… you could easily be one on the sports field to and by the way you have been kicking your mommy’s’ tummy, we think you might have the legs to be a Flyhalf!
Your Gramps has worked very hard his whole life, he is good with numbers like your mommy, he has given your aunty’s, granny and mom a wonderful life and he is a wonderful man. He can be very serious and a little grumpy sometimes but so funny, kind and unselfish. Buddy, you are going to melt his heart!

Then we have your Grandma, Denise. You are going to loooovvve your Granny. She was an artist which means she can draw you beautiful pictures of whatever you want!
She is the most beautiful lady in the world not just on the outside but on the inside too! Sort of like a cool car… not just beautiful to look at but even better once you open it up! She is kind, sweet, generous and loving and will do anything you ask her too!
She also has a great sense of humour and will make you giggle lots when she tickles your tummy! Just keep your room tidy Coley, Granny hates a mess although she will probably clean up after you!
Buddy granny has a HUGE heart and loves so many people already but I think she may just have saved the biggest part for you!

Then you have your Aunty Debbie. Boy, she is a legend! Someone you will always look up to, only figuratively, as she is really tiny!
Debs makes beautiful silver jewellery, nothing you can wear… well nothing we want you to want to wear! Most important about this Aunty is that she is the strongest person you will ever meet. If you have any questions or problems in life, my advice, talk to Aunty Debs and she will tell you how to handle them and if you trust her and do things the way she tells you too, you will be the strongest, happiest boy on earth! She may not be able to go on all the rides with you in Disneyland but if you fall and hurt yourself she will be the first to clean you up and make you feel brand new!

p.s my little Buddy this Aunty is also going to teach you about the most amazing Daddy of all! He is the one who created you in His perfect image. He loves you so much he even sent his son to die for you… dont worry a miracle happened and His son, Jesus, is still alive. You might have met him. This Daddy and His son will be your Bestest Friends in the entire world. Whenever you feel sad or lonely you can always count on them being right next to you even if you cant see them! You can even talk to them, we call this praying and I’m going to show you how to do this every night before you go to sleep. Its for when you are a little older my Coley but you will learn what Faith, Heavenly Peace and Everlasting Love are all about….

My darling nephew, I know you’re going to come when your ready. I just thought you should have all the facts so that you can make an informed decision about when you want to make your grand entrance. We love you so much and you are going to be so happy when you decide to show up.

Please come soon!

Aunt Jo-Jo


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