Because I ❤ Dogs I ❤ This Concept “From Country Singing In Vegas With Shania Twain To Country Living At Camp Cookstown With Your Dogs!”

What a journey this has been!

Who knew that we would be able to combine both of our passions: our love of music & our love of dogs?
At the age of 19 we embarked on a musical career that would take us all over the world. After enjoying international success we returned home to Canada and began a journey that would truly fulfill our heart’s desire.
Endless touring often left us in a predicament where we were unable to find a place to leave our dogs. Getting to know us means getting to know that dogs are as close to our hearts as music is to our souls.

So – five years ago we began a different adventure. We decided to open Camp Cookstown, the world’s finest vacation destination … an open concept boarding camp for your dog.

We are dog lovers through and through. Our dogs are allowed to kiss our faces and eat off our plates. We would never let them sleep outside in the cold. Our dogs sleep inside, away from the dangers that lurk at night. We believe that a happy dog is one that feels safe and secure, and has the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors with friends.

Out of this devotion to our dogs began the concept of Camp Cookstown, the place where you – dog lovers like us – can bring your dog for day camp, or feel safe when you’re on vacation, leaving your dog with us overnight. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your dog is entertained and kept healthy and active. Your dog will be safe and warm in our brand new state of the art heated/air-conditioned cozy country barn. With over 45 acres of rolling country farmland, your dog gets to socialize, play and just have fun with other dogs – all of whom have been assessed and found to have the kind of temperament that matches your dog’s. Friendships will be forged for life!
We leave for Vegas in a few days to sing with Shania at The Coliseum in Caesars Palace and as we get on that stage, we will be secure in the knowledge that our dogs are safe, happy and perhaps, to our dismay, not even missing us.

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