This Is One Of Those Inspiring Stories That Will Touch The Hearts Of All South Africans

I most often write about stories I have heard or those I am involved in – heartwarming stories that defy all ‘norms’ and quiet definitely prove that there are still individuals out there who are willing to risk their own safety for the life of another. This amazing story is about my friend, Merrick Bluett : […]

Autumn Fashion 2014 – Hate or Love?

For My Mom – I Love You

People say “I love you,” But what is love? Is it the white feathers, On an evening dove? Is it the way the sun shines, Every moment so bright, Or maybe its the way a person’s eyes sparkle, When you whisper, “Goodnight?” Is it the morning dew, On the grassy hill sides, Is it the […]

Finding That Song That Applies To You… Strong Enough To Be My Man

          God, I feel like hell tonight Tears of rage I cannot fight I’d be the last to help you understand Are you strong enough to be my man, my man? Nothing’s true and nothing’s right So let me be alone tonight Cause you can’t change the way I am Are […]

The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot And Who Are Beautiful – absolutely loved this article

I am a girl or rather a lady who is often seen as plastic or fake because I wear make-up, have thick lips and blonde hair ( note to those reading this and who know me as: the rumours go and most believe – no I have not had Botox, my lips are real and […]

An Open Letter Of Appeal To Help a Child For R 160/month – Lesedi Childrens Pre-School – My Story On Why & How

                  Lesedi Children’s Pre-School – You can help to Little did I know that going with a friend to a Charity day -organised and sponsored by the company he works for – would change my life and heart forever. Being a gentle person by nature I have […]

Marketing Campaigns That Broke the Internet [SlideShare] 2013

          As part of my passion and that thing that keeps food on the table. Digital Marketing fascinates me. How some thing go viral in a matter of minutes is beyond  comprehension. I research and read about the tech and digital world every night via subscriptions, searches and those ‘by luck […]

Loved this – An open letter to women:: What men REALLY want – Posted by dernierevie

Sorry ladies if this offends you or if you feel it is chauvinistic – in my ‘books’ this was the way marriage used to be and those couples loved and survived despite or inspite of difficult times and situations. Role reversal and fanatical feminism or even a man who is far to metro sexual has […]

Your secret – New Years Movie 2014

I got sent this today and just found it the perfect start to 2014… my favourite song added. Here is to a beautiful year.

My Christmas Letter

To my amazing Father in Heaven, On this night, two thousand and thirteen years ago you sent your precious and perfect son to be born unto us, a saviour to the world, our Messiah, Jesus. On that special eve you gave us a present. A gift that we did not deserve and one which is […]


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